Why French?

WARNING:  Political Content.  If it upsets you to read opinions that you strongly disagree with, turn back now before it is too late.  I'd hate to spoil your enjoyment of some good software.

Many of us are affected by the tides.  We live by the sea, walk by it, or venture upon it.  From my back door I can set foot on a boat and travel to any other coastal country in the world.

Here on San Francisco Bay, statistics from NOAA's tidal datum change show that the sea level here has risen almost 2 1/2 inches between the 1960-1978 period and 1983-2001.  

Although the United States generates over a third of the world's greenhouse gases, its present government does not believe that there is a threat from rising sea levels and other effects of global warming.  Rather, it is blocking a worldwide agreement to deal with it.  This is consistent with many actions of my government, ranging from displays of pique to open warfare.

I can not change the government.  But, as a small demonstration that not all Americans share this administration's attitude toward the rest of the world, I can change Tide Tool.

The latest release contains two features that have long been requested by users in France: a French language version, and computation of a tide statistic called  "coefficient" which is widely used in France.  Also, the number formats are more congenial.

These changes are provided in the spirit of continued friendship between our nations, in the long tradition of gifts between our people, and in recognition that the tides and many more things unite the peoples of the world than divide us.

Last updated Dec. 19, 2003
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