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Email Walt?

  • Got a Tide Tool question?

    first.  Please.  People send me five to ten questions a day.  Almost all of them are answered in the FAQ.

    So please read the FAQ first.  Read the instructions too.  

    IMPORTANT:  If you are asking about Tide Tool for a non-Palm device - iPhone, Blackberry, Windows mobile, whatever - read the FAQ, or you risk a rude answer as I get asked this about once per day.

    If your question is still unanswered, then email me.

  • Got an interesting use for Tide Tool?

    I'd really like to hear about it.  Email me using this link.  But if you have a question, please READ THE FAQ first.  See below.

  • Just want to make a comment?

    Sure, email me - if you're sure it's a comment and not a question, in which case see the paragraphs above.

- Walt Bilofsky

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