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Last updated December 19, 2003.  
I started keeping an email list, so you can be notified of new Tide Tool versions, and any significant bugs that might pop up. There are so many obsolete versions of Tide Tool floating around on various download sites and Palm software CD-ROMs, so this seemed like a good way to try to keep people up to date.

I promise not to send you many messages, give your email address to anyone else, or use the list for anything else.

Sign up for the Tide Tool email list:

Then reply to the confirmation email when you get it.

I use Yahoo Groups to maintain the mailing list. They put an irritating ad on each message, but it's easy for you to subscribe and unsubscribe, and if you change your email address you can do it once for all the egroups you belong to. Best of all, it's free. The time that Yahoo Groups saves me on list maintenance is spent working on Tide Tool. (No, it's not. It's spent boating.)

Privacy issues: I can't control what Yahoo Groups does with your email address, but they'd have to be pretty stupid to risk their reputation by selling you out. They do have an extensive privacy policy, which says that if you are worried about privacy and getting email from them, you'd better check the "opt-out" boxes when you sign up, and withhold or lie to them about your personal information. It does say that "Yahoo! will not sell or rent your personally identifiable information to anyone".

For more information about fighing unsolicited email advertising, see the Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial E-Mail.