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Version 2.2,  851,590 bytes, posted 2/17/04

A stable beta version of Tide Tool is now available to incorporate the 2007 U.S./Canada Daylight Savings Time change and more recent NOAA tide data.  Use this version instead.

If you are installing directly from this page into your Palm device, follow the directions below.  (And when you're done, please read the instructions.)

  1. If you encounter problems installing or running Tide Tool, feel free to delete the files in disgust, but please email me and report the problem, so I can fix it.  Thanks. (If you want to solve the problem, please read the FAQ first.)

  2. Tide Tool uses unverified tide and current data which comes from many sources and has not been exhaustively tested. Check Tide Tool against your local tide tables to verify the data for your location.  Do not rely exclusively on this software where safety of life and property is at risk. 

The source code for Version 2.1a is available under the terms of the Gnu General Public License. Among other things, this means that you can not use it for any commercial product. Sorry.


1. Install tidetool.prc

The program file

2. Install TideArgs.pdb

Data for the tide computation algorithm

3. Then install one or more of these regional databases.  Only install the ones you might need.  If you find later that you don't need some, delete or disable them.

Maine to Massachusetts.pdb

Massachusetts to Maine

Newport RI to Cape May NJ.pdb

Newport, R.I. to Cape May, N.J.

Cape May NJ to Virginia.pdb

Cape May, N.J. to Virginia

North Carolina to Georgia.pdb

North Carolina to Georgia

Florida East.pdb

Florida (east of Sarasota )

Gulf Coast-Florida West.pdb

Gulf Coast, and Florida ( Sarasota west)



US West Coast.pdb

West Coast of the U.S.

SE Canada-N Atlantic.pdb

East Coast of Canada and N. Atlantic ocean (s. of 47 N)

CE Canada-N Atlantic.pdb

East Coast of Canada and N. Atlantic ocean (47 N to 53 N)

NE Canada-N Atlantic.pdb

East Coast of Canada and N. Atlantic ocean (n. of 53 N)

SW Canada.pdb

West Coast of Canada (s. of 49.5 N)

CW Canada.pdb

West Coast of Canada (49.5 N to 51 N)

NW Canada.pdb

West Coast of Canada (n. of 51 N)


Caribbean , Central and South America (n of  the equator)



South America.pdb

South America (s of the equator)

Great Britain.pdb The British Isles.  (No locations in Eire are available in this release.)

Northern Europe.pdb

Europe (n. of 46.5 N) including all of Russia , but excepting the British Isles (note above)



Mediterranean , including Europe (s. of  46.5 N) and Africa (n. of 31 N)


Africa-Asia Minor.pdb

Africa (including Asia Minor w. of 60 E)



Asia (e. of 60 E), excluding Japan . Includes Indonesia and the Philippines


Japan SW.pdb

Southwest half of Japan (west of 134 E)


Japan NE.pdb

Northeast half of Japan (east of 134 E)


Pacific Islands.pdb

Islands of the Pacific west of 131 E including New Zealand, Tasmania and Papua/New Guinea



Australia (except Tasmania )

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