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 Announcing Spring Float-in April 18-19

We hope to see you at Emery Cove Marina, in Emeryville, for our spring float-in April 18 and19. Emery Cove is centrally located on San Francisco Bay, adjacent to several fine restaurants.

If you can't make it by boat, take your land cruiser and join us for Saturday night dinner at the Hong Kong East Ocean restaurant. This fine restaurant features authentic cuisine and is a favorite for special occasion banquets among Asian families, who can be seen streaming into the place on weekends dressed to the nines. Food prices are reasonable, however, so we've rented a private room and cruising clothes will do just fine - just slink into the upstairs banquet room and enjoy the view of the harbor.

We'll hold our customary meeting/social/cocktail hour at 6 pm and eat around 7 pm. If you're coming by car, just drive west from I-80 on Powell St. to the end, and you'll see the restaurant on your port side.

As at our last two float-ins, there is a major Sunday brunch buffet adjacent to the marina (Charlie Brown's), and many of us will no doubt make a beeline for it at breakfast time. Other options are the more standard breakfast at the Holiday Inn, or just bring a box of cornflakes.

If you're planning to come, advance notice would be very helpful, so we can make sure you have a place set at dinner, and a berth reserved for your boat. Make reservations, by April 8 if possible, with Alex Bogomolets at 510-673-1305 (h), 510-945-3500 (w), or email him at bogomolets@ (But don't let the lack of a reservation keep you away at the last minute.)

Nancy Sheridan has negotiated a special slip fee of $5 per boat. Thanks to Nancy and Alex for making the arrangements for our visit.

Map of Emery Cove Marina
Channel 69 will be our working channel when docking on Saturday. The marina does not have VHF so communications are up to us.

If you're coming from the north, avoid the destroyed section of the Berkeley pier, which has numerous underwater pilings. It's safest to stay to the west of the entire pier. If you take the narrow channel between the end of the concrete section and the first pilings, be sure to avoid Ashby Shoal which will then be between you and the marina entrance.

After you enter the harbor, pass by Emeryville City Marina on your starboard, leaving the small green buoys on your port. Make a sharp turn to port after the last green buoy which is located approximately 200 feet to the north from dock A of the Emery Cove Marina. Harbormaster and Office of the Emery Cove Marina is located between the docks F and G.

5th Annual Rendezvous: Benicia, August 15-16

Mark your calendar now for the 5th Annual CCDO Rendezvous in Benicia on Aug. 15 and 16, 1998.

Benicia is a beautiful historic town on the Carquinez Straits with lots of shops, interesting restaurants and a modern marina. Once the capital of California, Benicia has many interesting old buildings, including the old State Capitol, now a museum. If time permits, we may do the historical walking tour.

However, Benicia is perhaps better known as the place where the California Cape Dory Owners Association was founded on July 23, 1994 when Sandy Smith and Mike Fahy spotted Walt Bilofsky's CD 30 power boat Golden Phoenix tied up at the guest dock, and the three made plans for the First Annual rendezvous in Martinez that September.

That event featured a dinner aboard Sandy's CD 30 motorsailer Sandman. Since then, the group has grown beyond Sandy's cabin and Mike's cooking prowess. So this year we'll dine at Captain Blyther's restaurant at the foot of First Street, a short walk from the marina, with gourmet cuisine, affordable prices, and a view of the straits. We'll enjoy our own private dinning room with bar. Please reserve berthing at least a week in advance with Steve Arian (415-461-5902; SArian1286@ Call Mike Fahy (510-648-8600) with questions about dining.

- Mike Fahy
Welcome to New California Members

We've had dozens of new membership requests, mostly from outside California through our Web site. Welcome to all, and a special El Niño greeting to our new California members:

Larry Schick, whose CD 36 #2 was reportedly the "pattern boat" for the line. Moira is berthed in Long Beach Marina

Mike Bellgardt has a CD 25 in San Diego.

John Horan: "I own a 1981, 27' Cape Dory (not 270), presently dry docked in Arcata, Ca. Was recently berthed in San Diego, where I lived aboard while attending graduate school. I have worked for/with a Florida Cape Dory dealer, have sailed most models, and until recently possessed a USCG Ocean Operators Certificate."

Nick Kfoury, whose '84 CD 36 is berthed in Newport Beach.

Bob Rao, who writes: "I am from New England and moved to Palos Verdes 11 years ago with my then one year old Cape Dory 36. I might be Cape Dory's best customer, having owned a Typhoon, a 22, 30 and now a 36 for the past 12 years. I bought them all new, and had the 36 custom built for me. It's fully equipped with everything one can thing of and it's in better than new condition. I keep it in Cabrillo Marina in San Pedro."

Peter Dyke, who writes: "I would like to join the association if it is still possible for a white, male, straight, middle-class, nonIvyLeague, nonPreppy, Christian, nonTrustFund bloke of boozy, smokes orientation to qualify for possible status of applicant sans Affirmative elite position. Barbara and I are rather, instead, boring, state U., working-class folks who just sail our CD 33 sloop rather sloppily while trying to keep up with the varnish and payments. We squat at Dana West Marina, Dana Point, Calif." Peter, the Membership Committee has determined that you are over-qualified but are being admitted under the exemption for endangered species.

Russ Breed: "My dad has owned a 28' Cape Dory (#306) since 1981 and most recently has kept it berthed at Brisbane Marina. On November 1, 1997, when I married Lynette Harter, he gave the boat to us as a wedding present. However, Lynette and I feel that as long as he wants to go sailing, the boat will still be 'dad's boat'."

Jill and Steve Geary: "Just purchased a '76 Typhoon. She was in Santa Barbara and is, I hope, still enroute from there to her new home here in Dana Point. Neither I nor my husband had the time right now to bring her down so a crazy friend of ours is sailing her, should be here in a few days." Jill is working on her Coast Guard license.

With all the boats in Southern California, seems like the club should be having an occasional get-together down there too. Any volunteers to set one up?

Web Site

The California Cape Dory Owners Association site on the Internet continues to be a central meeting place for Cape Dory owners all over the United States and beyond - last month we had a message from a CD 36 owner in New Zealand. There are about 100 visitors daily to our home page, and 130 to the message board, where about 2,400 messages have been posted to date.

Many people have access to the Internet these days through a friend or a local library, so please visit our site when you can. We're at

Larry DeMers, a longtime member from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, has suggested we start featuring pictures of members' boats on the Web site. Everything takes time, and we haven't gotten around to acting on this worthwhile suggestion, but for starters, here are a couple Larry sent We hope to get these on-line soon so those of you with computers can see them in color.

Mailing List Status

This newsletter is now being mailed to 54 CCDO members in California, and four in adjacent states. Counting our Internet members, there are well over 100 Cape Dorys represented.

Because of the size of the mailing list, and the number of out-of-state members, I'll no longer be distributing it to everyone. If you want to start a local group or get in touch with Cape Dory members in your area, contact me (preferably by email - and I'll get you the info you need. Remember that membership information is not to be used for commercial or non-Cape Dory purposes.